Hello everyone!  My name is Seth McEntire, a 6’7″ tall, 300 lb teddy bear.  I am a senior at Georgia State University.  I will be graduating this fall with a degree in History and a minor in Marketing.  I have been in school since the fall of 2011, so I guess you can say I am thrilled to be finally finishing this chapter of my life and moving on to my career.  After college, I hope to work in marketing with startups and eventually open my own marketing firm/agency, ten to fifteen years down the road.  My goal in that is to help businesses efficiently market themselves and help build companies into strong brands.

Other than that, I am a fairly active individual.  I love being lost and seeing things that I have never seen.  My wandering spirit has put me in places that I never dreamed I would see in life.  I’ve traveled everywhere in the United States.  I have traveled through the small oasis of Flagstaff, Arizona which lies in the middle of nowhere. I’ve seen Multnomah Falls which lies just outside of Portland, Oregon.  I’ve traveled through Yellowstone National Park, froze walking the streets of Chicago, and been overwhelmed with the history of this country in places such as Boston and Washington D.C.  This world is so big, and I plan to see as much of it as possible while I am here on earth.

I also love sports.  I am an avid baseball, football, and soccer fan.  I have spent many summer nights at Turner Field watching the Braves play and will follow them to their new home in Cobb County.   I have had my heart broken many times by teams such as Georgia Tech Football, as well as the Falcons.  Then I represent FC Barcelona on the soccer side.  If I am not watching these sports, I am probably playing them.  Or I am riding my Arbor drop-through longboard down hills, hitting speeds up to 45 mph.

With all that said, I am a weird, unique, joyful human.  I will not be put in a box and will not settle for the everyday experiences that this life has to offer.  If there is anything more you would like to know about me, please feel free to ask.  I’m an open book, which may or may not be uncomfortable to you.  But hey, there is beauty in the awkward and uncomfortable moments of life.