Xing vs. Viadeo

Although LinkedIn is leading the business professional social networking game,  there are many other networking platforms available.  I have compared Xing to LinkedIn but now we will be looking at Xing vs. another social networking site, Viadeo.

Viadeo is a Web 2.0 company that was founded in France in May of 2004, under the name Viaduc.  The name was changed in 2006.  Since then it has moved up to second in the list of business professional networking platforms with over 65 million members.  “The company was built to around the desire to allow professionals to develop their network.” (1) It has done this by enhancing profiles for recruiters and uncovering new business opportunities.  This company led this business social networking platform for many years and was not until passed by LinkedIn until 2013.

The difference between Viadeo with Xing and LinkedIn is that Viadeo has adopted a very ambitious approach which has it adopting a “multilocal” strategy based on different platforms in different markets.  So it basically adapts to the area it is being used in.  That sounds great, right?  Apparently it is not like as much through out the world.  It hass slowly begun losing ground to Xing and is starting to be left in the dust by LinkedIn.  It is now not the biggest platform in its home country of France, trailing LinkedIn.  Xing still holds the most professionals in Germany, and of course LinkedIn in the United States.

The problem with Viadeo is that it struggles making money outside its own country of France.  Xing is still climbing and making money due to it’s decision to pull back on foreign adventures.  Viadeo is pushing itself in China but it is off to a slow start because business are slow to trust profiles online.

So, although Viadeo is second amongst the professional networking platforms, if things continue on the same track, Xing will surpass Viadeo in the upcoming years.





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