Xing Guest Post

This week we have a guest blogger on The Business of Business Social Networking, Jasdeep Singh.

Jasdeep is a student at Georgia State University taking several social media classes.  He is close to entering the “real world” so he began looking at Professional networking sites.  He really liked the idea of Xing due to the fact that he is moving to its home country of Germany after he graduates.  So he asked if he could write a short post about what he found.  And we said yes!!!  So with out further adieu, here is Jasdeep Singh.

As my time here at Georgia State University comes to an end, I knew it was time for me to start building my network for my career in marketing.  For me, I will be moving to Germany after graduation so I needed some platforms that would best help me in my career.  I know that there are many informal ways to build networks in Facebook and Twitter, but I was looking for networks that would help business see me and my accomplishments.

After a few days of searching I found one huge company that is leading most places in the world in networking for business professionals, and that is LinkedIn.  But upon further research I saw that one of the countries it was not leading in, is the country I was moving to, Germany.  So I looked at what platform was the biggest there, and low and behold I found Xing.

That is when I began looking up information on the company and stumbled upon this blog.  I have found out that Xing has over 10 million users in Germany and is great for finding jobs and showcasing my talents.  So it is a perfect platform for me in this next stage of life I am going into.

Thanks to “The Business of Business Social Networking” for helping inform me about Xing.  Also thanks for allowing me to be a guest on your blog.  You can view my blog at and keep up with my journey.


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