Xing Audience Analysis

In the business world, social media is a huge factor in running a successful company, and also in building personal networks.  There are many different platforms you can use but this post is all about Xing.

Xing is a career-oriented  social networking site based out of Germany.  This site is aimed at professionals and is supposed to be used to help build a small world-network.  It offers things such as personal profiles, discussions, event coordination, and possible job opportunities.  It has two types of memberships.  The first is a basic membership which lets you do basic things such see general information about jobs, news, and companies.  It also allows you to send invitations to contacts, manage your network, and organize events.  When you upgrade to the premium membership, which ranges from $8.25-$10.35 per month depending on the length of the subscription.  When you dish out money, you can do things such as view salary forecasts in job ads, send messages to non-contacts, and see profile visitors and detailed statistics regarding their visits.


The average person that would be a member of Xing, are business professionals who are looking to expand their network with individuals with shared interest and to highly brand themselves by highlighting their skills.  Most of these professionals tend to highlight their skills by sharing projects and works that they have completed.  By sharing their works and ideas it allows them to receive ideas and analysis of their work in order to make them stronger in their fields.  They would typically be an individual who was very independent in nature, and was really self-motivated to succeed.

Since 2006, Xing has been on a steady climb in number of business professionals using the site.  There were over 12 million users as 0f the fourth quarter of 2013.  This number has continued increasing as they posted from their twitter in May that revenue was up 29% last year.  This social networking site is on its way up into contending with bigger social media networks such as Linkedin and Viadeo.



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